Don Appleman
180 East Morris Street
Bement, IL       61813
Don Appleman, Software Engineer
Who I Am
A software professional of long standing, with public presentation
experience. As team leader, team member, or solo developer, I know how to
put high quality, low maintenance software into the hands of users.
Additionally, I can explain and justify that software to customers, business
interests, and end users.

My Objective
To obtain a position in software development, where I hope to use what I
have learned while continuing to learn more.

What I Bring to the Table
Over 20 years of solid professional experience in the design, analysis, and
development of applications, system utilities, network software, and support
routines. Strong interpersonal skills, with a university degree in writing
combined with excellent speaking ability. My work experience includes the
following responsibilities:

* Develop self-authored applications and routines; revise existing software
  to increase operating efficiency or adapt to new requirements. As project
  manager, design software for implementation by self or others, incorporating
  state-of-the-art methods and solutions.

* Confer with management, customer, systems analysts, and subject matter
  experts to determine project scope, needs, and requirements using orderly
  and effective procedures.

* Present in-house and public technical seminars, including national
  conferences and trade shows. Train new employees. Provide telephone and
  e-mail technical support to customers. Develop technical documentation for
  in-house and public distribution to introduce new technologies, create
  training materials, codify procedures, and document software.

* Manage users and networks. Design and carry out process improvement, e.g.
  automated monitoring of critical resources on networks and UNIX workstations
  with notification of responsible parties. Troubleshoot hardware, software,
  and system configurations.

Special Knowledge
Continuously engaged in professional development. Broad familiarity with
contemporary software engineering principles, including the following:

    Object-oriented programming & design
    Project lifecycles
    User interface design & development
    Multi-threaded and client/server software
    Network software, sockets, TCP/IP
    User authentication and software security
    Code reviews
    Effective documentation
    Unit testing
    Software release packaging, support, and maintenance
    Web-based delivery of Java software
    ANT build expertise
    10+ years as a Linux user

Familiarity with source code management systems (CVS, Perforce, SourceSafe),
issue-tracking software (Bugzilla, TestTrack, etc.), debugging and profiling
tools (IntelliJ IDEA, JProbe, etc.), and integrated and command-line build

Languages & Platforms
Professional expertise developing software with Java (14 years experience,
all JDKs, Swing, servlets, sockets, streaming media, performance-oriented
and GUI-oriented libraries), Perl (4 years), C++ (4 years), JavaScript 
(1 year), C (1 year), SQL (12 years), Linux/UNIX shell scripting (12 years), 
HTML, XML, and other languages. Comfortable learning new languages.

Academic experience with Python, Smalltalk, Pascal, PL/C, COMPASS assembler,
Z80 assembler.

Experience in cross-platform development, including the following target
platforms: Linux, TRU64 (Digital UNIX) on DEC Alpha, Windows, Mac OS, DOS.

January, 1995 graduate, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, B.A. in
Rhetoric (3.5+/4.0 GPA in major), second major in Philosophy (3.75+ GPA in
major, graduated with high distinction). Recipient, 1993 Lois Shepherd Green
Award for outstanding undergraduate work in Philosophy. Contributing editor,
'Little America' student literary magazine.

Positions Held
2012 - Present
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 
Technology Services (formerly CITES)
Senior Software Developer

2009 - 2011
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 
National Center for Supercomputing Applications - CyberSecurity Directorate
Research Programmer

2007 - 2009
MQSoftware, Champaign, IL
Senior Software Engineer

2004 - 2007
NEXVU Technologies, Champaign, IL
Senior Software Engineer

2002 - 2003
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 
Beckman Institute - Imaging Technology Group, 
Visiting Research Programmer

1994 - 2002        
NovaNET / NCS Learn / Pearson, Champaign, IL
Senior Software Engineer

1988 - 1994        
Computer Teaching Corporation, Champaign, IL
System Programmer

1985 - 1988        
Self Employed, Lakeside, CA
Independent Software Consultant

1982 - 1985        
Regency Systems, Champaign, IL
Computer-Based Training Applications Consultant

1980 - 1982        
Department of Defense, Chanute AFB, IL
Programmer (GS-9)

Available on request.